This year from 17 to 19 November 2023, Open Koryu Jodo Seminar will be organized for the 17th time by:
René van Amersfoort Jodo Kyoshi 8th dan and Louis Vitalis Jodo Kyoshi 7th dan.

Training and teaching the components of the Shinto Muso Ryu.
With parts Koryu kata\'s like Omote, Chûdan, Kage, Samidare, Gohon No Midare. Uchida Ryû Tanjojutsu, Shintô Ryu Kenjutsu.

We will keep these in the Marezaal De Meern. For more details click the convocation below.

The seminar is open to all grades and degrees, for more info click the link below.

Uitnodiging Nederlands Einladung Deutsch Invitation English

Subscription is open till 20.00 11 November 2023

We hold a small koryu kata competition on Sunday afternoon from 3 till 4 pm. You choose your partner yourself and make the choice together which 3 koryu kata you will do and who takes which weapon. (so no shi uchi kotai).